Not what I expected

When things don't go as planned... | 19/9/2021
As is my way, I spent the first week of September - the week the kids go back to school - down in Carlton Miniott, staying at Landrace Cottage so that I could have a few days at Woodland Lakes. The cottage was as agreeable as it always is - I love ... Read More
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The Lockdown law is the law

Is night fishing allowed? I'm going to argue NO... | 26/6/2020
I'm writing this here so I can use it as a one-stop expression of my view that the Angling Trust has done the angling community a gross disservice in advising anglers that night fishing is now allowed. Note that I'm certainly not trying ... Read More
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Bike insurance woes

My Zero is looking less and less likely... | 25/4/2020
I write here about my ambition to own a Zero electric motorcycle. Well, having spent a considerable amount of time recently assessing insurance options, I think I need to give up, defeated... I don't mind a large premium: in ... Read More
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I'm Getting angry now

People will DIE because of your selfish stupidity... | 29/3/2020
Although it seems to be the case that most people aren't determined to be self-centred, socially irresponsible, downright dangerous twats during the Covid-19 lockdown, there's a depressing recurring theme in the news, this being just one ... Read More
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Prejudices confirmed

Dog-owners are retards... | 26/3/2020
After getting some air and exercise tonight, I was walking down a paved bridleway along the edge of Blyth golf club - a popular place for dog emptying, if the amount of dogshite all over it is any indication. I found myself approaching a cluster ... Read More
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