About Me

Not much to tell, but this is how things are done, so...

I'm Keith Reeder. 58 at the time of writing (2019), recently (early) retired from a career as a Data Protection expert practitioner, living in the north east of England.

I'm a keen wildlife and bird photographer, and - since my retirement - I'm getting back into another pastime passion, coarse fishing.

The challenge for me is that I don't drive a car (although I'll finally be looking to do something about that) so - given the dearth of angling opportunities on my doorstep - I need to use public transport; so some of my writing on this site will be about the logistics of doing that.

Hint: it involves multi-section rods like the Shakespeare Agility EXP 11' pellet waggler rod (I've got two of these - they weigh nothing, take up no space, and having two of them means I can have a fixed spool and a centrepin rigged up); NGT Travel Carp rods; and a feather-light packable chair (don't judge - this isn't a compromise in terms of comfort or angling efficiency. It's a surprisingly comfy chair..!)

I'm also old enough to have opinions - so I'll be sharing my views about things like the almighty clusterfuck that is Brexit (you can probably get a feel from that which way I voted); and I'll be talking about personal stuff too.

In other words - welcome to my blog..!