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People will DIE because of your selfish stupidity... | 29/3/2020

Although it seems to be the case that most people aren't determined to be self-centred, socially irresponsible, downright dangerous twats during the Covid-19 lockdown, there's a depressing recurring theme in the news, this being just one example of many:

Coronavirus: Derby police 'in absolute shock over massive party'

It's clear that with some people, relying on their goodwill and public spirit isn't enough - this is reckless endangerment and should be treated as such in law.

In short - lock the sociopathic bastards up.

The legal threshold is pretty easy to test.  The law defines criminal/malicious recklessness as:

knowing of the falsity or wrongfulness of one's actions or knowledge of a risk that a prohibited result is likely to occur but proceeding anyway 

Because it is (to use the legalese) "reasonably foreseeable" that the party would by definition breach the "gatherings of no more than two people" element of the Covid-19 prohibitions (and the "no unnecessary travelling" aspect, I expect), there is no question that the arseholes who organised - and attended - this party would be caught by the test, so they should suffer the consequences.

The fucking dregs of humanity.

The world will be better off without them. Unfortunately, they'll take people with them before - as is very likely to be the case, if there's any "Natural justice" - the virus kills some of them off.

And - don't you just know? - These will be exactly the kind of people who bitch about the lockdown lasting too long.

It'll last longer because of shit like this, you fucktards...

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