Predictably predictable

I'm a bit of a stuck record, really... | 28/7/2022
Just a quick update on some of the things I talked about here. I haven't yet built up the necessary head of steam to get back into learning to drive - got to be honest, I'm enjoying the lack of pressure and the flexibility attached ... Read More
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Not what I expected

When things don't go as planned... | 19/9/2021
As is my way, I spent the first week of September - the week the kids go back to school - down in Carlton Miniott, staying at Landrace Cottage so that I could have a few days at Woodland Lakes. The cottage was as agreeable as it always is - I love ... Read More
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Walking wounded

The downside to mixing fishing and cycling... | 16/6/2021
Now that I've had both of my Covid jabs and we're oh-so-slowly approaching something like normality, I've been getting in a bit more fishing with my buddy Chris, catching a few pike  - nothing big (the odd scraper double at best) ... Read More
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Not sure I can call it fishing...

Surely that should involve some FISH? | 19/3/2021
Now that my protracted skin problem is under control, my buddy Chris and I have been hitting our local Pike and Carp water a bit lately - it's only five miles away as the crow flies (and it's the only Pike and Carp venue within about eighty ... Read More
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The Lockdown law is the law

Is night fishing allowed? I'm going to argue NO... | 26/6/2020
I'm writing this here so I can use it as a one-stop expression of my view that the Angling Trust has done the angling community a gross disservice in advising anglers that night fishing is now allowed. Note that I'm certainly not trying ... Read More
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First World problems, I know

The best-laid plans... | 23/3/2020
I know this is not a big issue compared to what is going on in the World right now, but I'm just getting it off my chest... I've been planning for several weeks to wet a line this week: the long-range forecasts all suggested mild, settled ... Read More
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Carlton Miniott again

Woodlands Lakes - Episode II | 9/9/2019
Sara, the owner of Landrace Cottage in Carlton Miniott pinged me an email about a last-minute availability in the first week of September (2019).  The forecast looked reasonably good, so I thought "why not?" - and before I knew it, on ... Read More
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Fun in the Sun in N. Yorkshire

A fine time in Carlton Miniott | 27/5/2019
I've just spent a week (ish - 20 to 25 May, to be precise) in Carlton Miniott, N. Yorks, so as to fish Woodland Lakes - a venue I've fished many times, which I'd chosen this time partly because of my familiarity with it; and partly ... Read More
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Okuma CB-60 reels

Problems... | 15/5/2019
Nothing is ever straightforward, is it? I recently took delivery of the Okuma Custom Black CB-60 reels I talk about here. And they're great: good-looking, smooth, well-built - and they come with a freespool-to-locked-up-in-3/4-of-a-turn drag. I'd ... Read More
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Quick-dragging a reel - postscript

I broke one! | 5/5/2019
Well now that's a pisser...  Everything had been going well with my BPX reel quick drag conversions, as I discuss here.  Last night I was having another play with the reels - as you do - and I noticed that one of them ... Read More
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Quick-dragging a reel

Pretty pleased with myself about this... | 1/5/2019
I mention in another post that I like a bargain when it comes to my fishing tackle. So although I could easily have sprung for something more expensive, when the urge recently struck for a (mini) "big pit" reel (or three) - an urge ... Read More
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Single-Hook Rigs

Safe, kind rigs for pike | 25/4/2019
As part of my plan to get back to being an active angler (this is not a contradiction in terms...) I'm going to have a serious crack at single-hook pike rigs. Treble hooks on pike traces have been the norm for as long as I've fished ... Read More
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HOW much?

There are bargains out there! | 22/4/2019
I've never bought into the intellectually lazy meme that "you get what you pay for..." I've lost count of the number of times I've landed some piece of gear that has punched way above its pecuniary weight... So it ... Read More
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