Not everyone is an arse

Faith in human nature restored. A bit... | 24/3/2020

I've just been out for some essential groceries - still loads of empty shelves, a Unicorn is easier to come by than a loaf of bread - but I managed:  and I'm gratified to see that at least some people seem to be grasping the importance of social distancing and acting accordingly, by making a point of giving each other space.

Case in point, as I was walking back from the shops, a bloke actually stepped out onto the road to make sure we kept our distance. 

I gave him a nod and a wave of thanks, of course - it shows that some people are taking this situation seriously. 

You'd think it wasn't a big deal, but recent experiences have made this kind of behaviour something to celebrate.

So well done, anonymous bloke who isn't a prick.

Also on the way home, I heard my first singing Chiffchaff of the year. Not that we'll really be able to enjoy them, but this means Spring and Summer are on their way - another Reason To Be Cheerful...

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